Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nokia - Quality Lapse?

I'm not sure if people have noticed, but I sure have. Nokia, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the world have displayed a serious lapse in the quality of their products. I don't believe anyone could disagree with the points that I have raised below.

Firstly, Nokia once manufactured standard chargers that worked with any phone in the Nokia range. This, in my opinion, was a clear advantage over competitors such as Sony Ericsson and Motorola who manufactured a different charger for every phone that they manufactured. Now Nokia have decided that it is wrong to make standard products.

- I strongly disagree with Nokia's philosophy against standard products.

Secondly, there is a clear fault with the new chargers that Nokia have manufactured. I have noticed this fault on more than one charger. I never came across this fault on Nokia's original chargers. The fault exists with the charger that is supplied with the phone. This fault makes it extremely difficult to charge the phone. The customer is forced then to purchase a replacement charger, which does work.

This almost seems like a scam by a large heartless corporation by providing a faulty piece of equipment with the phone and forcing the customer to spend more money in purchasing a replacement.

If this is true, it is despictable behaviour.

I will welcome any comments that people may have on the above. I am particularly interested in hearing from people who have experienced the above to share their thoughts and opinions about Nokia and their new found philosophy.

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