Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nokia - Quality Deterioration

I have spoken before about a lapse in the quality of Nokia products. It is clear that this is more than a simple lapse in the quality of these products. It is a serious deterioration in the level of quality.

I recently owned the Nokia 6070 mobile phone. After 1 year of use, the keys began sticking. This made using the phone practically impossible. This is NOT an isolated incident. I know 3 other people who also owned the Nokia 6070 and again after only 1 year, everyone experienced the same problem.

All people (myself included) were forced to purchase a new mobile phone. I feel that for the price of mobile phones, they should last longer than 1 year. The older models lasted for many years (for example, the 3210).

Is this a scam by Nokia to ensure people are forced to frequently spend money replacing inferior products?
Is the quality of Nokia's products simply deteriorating at a rapid rate?

Only Nokia know the truth, but will they ever share this with 'valued' customers?

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