Monday, July 20, 2009

Where to buy computer equipment...

I frequently buy computer equipment and when I do I always use the same list of websites. I have listed them below:

They are based in Sligo in the north-west of Ireland. The service is friendly and quick. The prices are not overly expensive and items are dispatched quickly. My last order was placed on a Tuesday afternoon and I received the delivery of the item by Thursday afternoon.

They have offices in various countries including an office in Dublin, Ireland. They have reputation for low prices. Their after-sales service and support is very good. They have very helpful staff. Delivery is also quick.

They are based in the UK and they sell low priced memory and disks. Delivery is quick.

The popular on-line market place which allows people to snatch a bargain. Sellers I have used are extremely helpful and efficient.

I hope the above helps you to choose the right supplier when looking to buy computer equipment.

Go n'eirí an bothar leat,


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