Monday, November 1, 2010

Never another Nokia...

In my experience, Nokia phones are really poorly made mobile phones. The list of issues are endless. The issues range from sticky keys to buggy, unstable software. The last 3 Nokia mobile phones I have owned and used have all been a complete and utter disaster. If a Nokia phone lasts for at least 1 year, consider yourself lucky as they tend to fall victim to one or several issues that ultimately lead to calls and texts not being sent or received which is the whole point of a mobile phone.

Probably the only way Nokia are going to fix these problems is if they strip their mobile phones back to the basics and build once more from the ground up. I do not see this happening as I am sure Nokia will see this as a step backwards. Some times it is necessary to go backwards before you can go forwards.

I have been a Nokia user for 10 years and yesterday I made the decision to never again purchase a Nokia phone. I would like to see Nokia re-capture the good quality that they were once known for and until they do, I will be giving their products a wide berth.

Good Riddance Nokia...

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